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While Vesper was standing at the helm of a yacht, Bond was writing a resignation letter on his laptop. It was the first sailing yacht to go up the Grand Canal in Venice in years. When Bond and Vesper were approaching Venice, most famous buildings in the city were seen in background.

It is not necessary to latest slot machines a boat to see the view that was in front of Bond and Vesper. Not many tourists go that far, therefore it is a very peacefull an quiet place.

As you can see in photos below, while watching the view you can relax on a bench in a park or use outdoor gym. When James Bond was writing the resignation letter, there was Santa Maria della Salute Basilica visible in background photo below. On his laptop monitor you could see his e-mail inbox with fictitious email addresses of film crew members: Anne Bennet Publicity and Marketing — anne.

When Vesper left the hotel room, M called and asked about the money that he won in Casino Royale. James Bond guessed that it was Vesper who stole the money and ran after her. The hotel lobby scenes were filmed at the Czech National Museum in Prague. It was June when film crew was working in Venice.

James Bond tried to find Vesper under arcades that you can see in photo below. Finally he saw her walking on the bridge located at Sotoportego del Cavalletton street. In the next scene Eva Green who played Vesper was walking alone on Ponte del Malpaga bridge see photo below. Daniel Craig was looking at her from the bridge connecting Fondamenta Toletta and Calle Lotto from which the photo was taken.

Bond followed Vesper down the Sotoportego de le Colonne. In the photo below you can see Sotoportego de le Colonne and the Ponte de le Colonne bridge in background. Next photo was taken from the bridge towards the shadows where was hidden. Finally Vesper came to royale courtyard where she met Gettler.

The villain saw James Bond hiding behind the column and took Vesper hostage. Main venice casino to the building was located at Campiello Pisani, however Vesper entered the side door, which is visible in the photo below. She turned left and passed through the doors that are closed in photo below to the courtyard.

Next photo was taken from royale courtyard. Vesper came out from behind the columns. On the right in photo below you can see the column where was hiding when Vesper was talking to Gettler. Vesper and Gettler were standing in the middle of the courtyard. When they started shooting, James Bond was running behind columns visible in the middle of the photo below.

James Bond pursued Gettler and Vesper into a building under renovation. During the fight the building started to sink. The sequence with the building collapsing into the Grand Canal was filmed in Pinewood studio, however buildings around were royale real and shot on location. Collapsing building was digitally inserted and replaced Lion Morosini Palace second from right in photo below.

It had more than different parts designed to fall off. The inside of the sinking house was built on a special rig that measured 45 foot by 40 foot and was 45 foot high. The scene with people looking at sinking building was filmed at Campo Erberia photo below.

The scene was filmed at Santi Cosma e Damiano church. Behind the dome of Santa Maria della Salute in photo below was visible. Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

Earth wind fire foxwoods casino tower of Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore. Santa Maria della Salute. What a cool post. I recognized so many locations from the movie. Very neat, thank you! Add comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

James resigns from MI6 and retreats to Venice with Vesper. In , EON returned to the beautiful city to film the spectacular finale of their reboot entry Casino Royale. Apart from the Bond-sites you will find a multitude of. During the ending of Casino Royale in Venice, after realising that Vesper has betrayed him, Bond follows her from St Marc's square to her.

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