Is there gambling on carnival cruises

Thanks for the info. Specific information will be provided Do I get complimentary drinks while playing?

Is there gambling on carnival cruises hoyle casino 2006 review

Welcome to Cruise Critic! If you'd like to participate on our forums by joining in the conversation, please Register Now! Register Login User Name. How do carnivall Casinos work on the Carnival Cruises? Page royal casino biluxi mississippi of 2.

You may not post new threads. BB code is On. Never Miss a Deal! Posted October 9th, Never been on a cruise and not sure how the casinos work on them? Do we have to bring cash? Things of that nature would be greatly appreciated. Thanks When you check in you set up a sign and sail account. Everything you purchase on board - drinks, photos, gifts etc, gets put on your account. This sign darnival sail account is backed by the credit card you give them at check in.

The casino is the only place on board that will except cash. Aside from cash tips you might give service people. For the table games you use cash. Should you win money on the table games you take your chips to the casino cage and they will give you cash. Slot machines you can just put your sign and sail card into the machine and it will create a player "bank" which you can add money to from your on board charge account.

You can add money to your "bank" and then go to the casino cage and cash out your bank balance for cash cruuises use at the tables. I have not experimented with this because I normally bring cash to play with. You can also bring travelers checks and cash them at the casino cage if you don't want to thdre too much cash on you while you travel. Again if you should win on the slots you transfer the money from the machine to your bank and cash it out at the cage. On the unlikely chance you should win a LOT of money, you can cash it out at the cash and then go to the guest services desk and you can pay your sign and sail balance there so you don't get a charge on your real credit card.

Posted October is there gambling on carnival cruises, I think cash is the only way to go with gambling funds I consider gambling to be "entertainment" I'm never tempted to spend more than I plan to If you access money from your account whether ship's account or the credit card gamblinf to it you will incur a charge over a certain amount Posted October 11th, I'm from the same school of thought as far as gambling goes.

I do acrnival than my fair share of time in Vegas and cruise ships at the craps table, but once the cash that I set aside for gaming for that day is gone, then so am I, right out of gabling casino. Posted October 12th, I like to be able to look on the TV and see exactly what I have spent on the entire trip.

This way I only use cash for tips and the occasional purchase on land. To each their own i suppose. I do agree that gambling is entertainment, I love to laugh and joke around at the table and I hate when grumpy people or dealers are at the table.

Posted September 3rd, Is there a limit on Carnival as to what they will payout in cash? At some point do they cut you thete check rather than just paying out in cash? Please explain this "charge over a certain amount" for me. I have never sailed on Carnival but I am thinking about taking them up on a free cruise.

Posted September 4th, I could be wrong there gamblinv I don't do that. Just keep in mind that you need to play some of that on the slot or they will stop allowing you to do it. I am not aware of how much they will limit you to put on your account overall but realize it will depend on your gamblint limit on the credit card you back your on-board account with.

I would assume they will do pre-charges therr you card to validate you can charge that amount as you hit certain points. Thanks for that explanation. Posted September 17th, Nice cruise, however, still awaiting casino winnings for over 2 months Played Texas Is there gambling on carnival cruises em on electronic table with several other guests.

I inserted my northwood casino iowa card for chips which was charged to my cruise account. When I left the table with winnings, I was told by the casino employee to insert my card and my winnings would be credited to my cruise account. When my cruise statement arrived before debarkation, there was nothing indicating my casino winnings. Waited 20 minutes in line to speak to guest services who then told me that a separate check would be sent to me in short order Two months later and several phone free 3d mr vegas casino slots to Carnival where I was told everything from two weeks to three months to receive my casino winnings I am still without a check.

I was forwarded to casino services at one point and waited on the phone for 40 minutes with nobody even answering casino passport player rama phone. Is it unfair to assume that somebody is sitting at a computer at carnival with the ability to cut me a check if guest gamblling would call them. The only words that come to mind is scam and rip off Can you imagine if Vegas waited several months to pay off winnings to those few who actually win?

I would recommend not gambling in these casinos especially electronic games if you wish to collect your winnings in a timely manner. I am still waiting. Can you cheat online casinos September 21st, I am still waiting Why didn't you cash out at the casino cage? On Princess they kept announcing, "Don't forget to cash out your casino account before the casino closes on the last night.

Posted September atlantic city casino comp rooms, I was told by the casino person oon the poker table that I should just insert my card and my winnings would appear on my cruise account which it didn't.

Plus, there was nobody at the cashiers cage anyways. I just want to know why it takes three months for them to send me a check. Imagine if Vegas worked that way My charges appeared in 3 minutes I just did some reading on the Carnival site and found out that it says your winnings will be mailed to you in 8 to 12 weeks. You don't have to like it, but they do restaurants in casino rama is there gambling on carnival cruises right there to inform you.

Us online gambling legislation am just learing the ins and outs of Carnival since this will be my first cruise with them. You can use cash or the money added to your ship card. Sent from my iPad using Forums. Last edited by monkeybone; October 11th, at Sue Wow and no way!

I have a free Carnival cruise certificate to pick up from AC I am not going to bother after reading this. Thanks for the info. Posted December 15th, Once on Baird, what do you find to om the best ways to get your casino points? Playing with cash every time and then cashing out chips at the cage? Posted December 16th, Slot machines automatically track your points, so it is the most reliable.

Table games are not automatic. They scan your card when you sit down and note your buy in amount. Then the pit boss watches tables and verifies the amounts you are betting is there gambling on carnival cruises various times. This is highly unreliable. For best results on table games, make sure the pit boss notices you. Tip the dealers sometimes. For me, I always use the same color chips and make the same size bet every time. Every dealer, boss and host in the whole casino knew how much I bet each time.

They only had to record how long I was sitting there playing. Probably the worst way to buy chips is to is there gambling on carnival cruises cash chips from previous winnings. It's better to cash them in the cage and use cash.

Your winnings should appear on your "player bank account," which is different from your "cruise account. Mount airy lodge - casino need to cash out your player bank account on the last night of the cruise.

From gaming lessons for beginners to establishing credit lines and betting limits for will automatically qualify for the 'Drinks On Us!' card on their next sailing. Cruise Cash provides a credit to a guest's Sail & Sign account. Check Cashing / Traveler's Checks Check Cashing Guests may use their personal checks on. Here's what cruise lines offer in their casinos so you can take a gamble on your Carnival Cruise Lines Smoking is permitted; there are non-smoking areas.

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